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The System

Credits for content used in the making of this video and more links: John DeCamp's book The Franklin Cover Up: Ted Gunderson lecture video: Ted Gunderson's file on The Finders: Full uncut documentary Conspiracy of Silence" Full Transcript of The Greenbaum Speech: Listen to the full The Greenbaum Speech: Full 2008 movie Nothing But the Truth: More sources for further reading and research on this topic:

Lyrics “Patience” by NAS & Damian Marley

Great song by Damian Marley and NAS. The lyrics are so powerful that they inspired me to make a video to show them :) The original Music video can be found here: by Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley "Patience" (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. "Sabali" means Patience

Flatline – B.o.B (Lyrics)

This one took me a couple weeks to complete. Hope you enjoy it! Visual lyrics to BoB's song "Flatline" from his free mixtape Water. Check out his channel here: Check out my other videos here:

Former NASA Physicist says “Science is another Dogmatic Religion”

Clips of Tom Campbell, former NASA Physicist, describing how some of the mainstream science has become the very thing that science was created to avoid; religious, dogmatic and belief based. It's so important to not trust the words of men, do your own research, come to your own conclusions. Question everything especially when you think you don't have to. I start off the video with a clip from the 1936 film, "Things to Come." A movie based on a novel by H.G. Wells. Here is the link to the full film: Here's the link to Tom Campbell's full discussion: Music by yours truly :)

B.o.B “Dr. Aden” – Lyrics

Bob's song "Dr. Aden" is the fairly detailed, unsettling story of Dr. Aden (fictional character), a doctor who was coerced to join a government agency, but finds out the same agency is behind the spread of epidemics to control the population. The story in the song is fictional, however it was inspired by true events. At the end of this lyric video, I added the MSNBC interview talking about the cover-up by the FDA of BAYER's admitted and deliberate crimes against humanity starting way back in the 80s. Check it out for yourself and do your own research. This company is still in business and not only that but are tightly knit with the workings of Monsanto and just recently purchased the consumer product division of MERCK. We should all think twice next time we go to the store for aspirin... see a BAYER logo on something and remember the research you did on that company. These horrible anti-health companies posing as health advocates are only still in business because we blindly buy their products. Here is a link to the official music video: Here is the link to the MSNBC interview: Bobby tweeted a link to the real story that inspired the story of "Dr. Aden": twitterDOTcom/bobatl/status/584360865069150208?lang=en

Lyrics – “Time Bandit” by ChaChillie

Lyrics to "Time Bandit" by ChaChillie (Charli Stewart) Check out his channel: If you're not sure whether or not you've heard this guy before, then you haven't heard this guy before. He's an independent artist who knows what's up. As soon as you listen to any of his songs, you won't forget him. "Time Bandit" was the first song of his that I heard and I immediately wanted to make a lyric video because everything he says in this song is right on. Below are the lyrics (I couldn't find the official lyrics online, so I had to grab them by ear directly form the song, so they might be off a bit) Chill So what you think I got from all the burnin' the pain I got I aint concerned with it thank you God for all the learnin' I'm so high I might just be permanent think I just broke thru the firmament now ima take a visit to the ancient earth and read the words of mystics and the secret verses taken from my history on purpose given us a version that helped to enslave a person when this life is so beautifully wondrous psychadelic like a funguses my mind is way too humongous and time is just cycles and numbers I guess that I'm just on some other ish knowin' that there's something major missing were the natives just livin' here with ancient wisdom ways of raisin' children someone came and stripped them of their ways and made 'em slaves and gave them reservations they could live in my soul is infinite really no be gettin' into it feel what I write so I'm in to it see my whole life like an intuit get you this vibe or get intimate feel me go out of my mind back track travel thru time tap into my perfect design if now I aint fittin' in ima call that a good sign I say hey didgeridoo on my ritual rap like I'm an aboriginal Chachillie true individual, literally the original spiritual life is habitual You so religious with science and all of its laws like gravity but can't explain it at all but you mathematically build up a wall to support it like lawyers in a court of law

Lyrics “Roll Up” B.o.B ft. Marko Penn – Video Montage

**Click the little gear icon on the video to watch in 720p HD for best quality!** "Roll Up" by B.o.B ft. Marko Penn (with lyrics) This is a song by B.o.B that, if you haven't listened to it already, will put you in a chill, feel good mood... even if you don't roll up somethin' :) With the lyrics and a little montage I put together of some old BoB video clips as well as some of our video clips taken LIVE at the NoGenre tour concert we went to a few weeks ago at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. BANDZ! ;) Music:

They Live – B.o.B. (EARTH New Mixtape) with Visual Lyrics

I love this song by the realest artist of all time... Bobby Ray aka B.o.B. Track 08 "They Live" from EARTH Mixtape I'm no pro, not even an amateur at making videos, but here it is. ur the sh*t, bobby ray Music by: Listen/Download B.o.B.'s mixtape FREE:

B.o.B. “Blank Mafia” LYRICS – (Explicit)

Music: Song Credit: B.o.B. In August 2015, B.o.B released a free mixtape album "WATER." It's real, it's raw and it's free for anyone to download and enjoy :) Lyrical video design by yours truly ;)
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